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II. Healing is a lifestyle.

Healing takes time.

It is going to take your own energy and attention -no one else can do this for you, but they can walk with you and help you see differently and read the map.

There is a difference between having an agenda and being curious. It’s good to have the driving urge from within to transform your life. But once that driving urge has propelled you into movement, it needs to back off and stop trying to drive the bus. It can keep propelling the bus, but it’s not the best-equipped part of you for navigation. That navigation needs to come from your belly and from your insight, coupled with a vision of how you would like your life to be. All this while bearing in mind that we cannot see everything from where we stand and that our perspective on our own lives is ever-evolving. Where we think we want to drive the bus now may not be where we actually want to go when we see what’s over the next hill.

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