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Tarot Readings

There are two places in life we can get stuck:


Stuck Place #1: We feel we have too many options and can’t decide.

Stuck Place #2: We back ourselves into a corner where we feel like we don’t have any choices.


Too many choices or none at all - these can both be equally paralyzing.


Maybe you are six months into a new relationship and you think, “Holy heck, this feels the same as the last one. I’ve been here before.” Maybe you are circling around the same question of “Do I deserve a job that supports me?” even if maybe you haven’t gotten it articulated quite that succinctly. Maybe you are wondering how come you got that injury and what it all means in the larger scheme of your life.


We can start to feel trapped; as if we are moving around in the same, frustrating cycle or pattern in our lives. We just plain don’t know what to make of it all.


Many clients come to me feeling confused, lonely, and overwhelmed. They come to me longing for something/anything to be different. They come to me with their thoughts and emotions all tangled up.


A tarot reading can unpick the tangle of all your thoughts and feelings and conflicting drives and desires - like finding the ends within a tangled mass of twenty strands of yarn and separating them into distinct strands to do with what you will. You get to ask question after question until you get the clarity that you need.


What does a Tarot reading actually do?


Some people would say that Tarot is about a conversation you have with the cards.


Some people would say that Tarot is about a conversation you have with the card reader.


I believe that a Tarot reading is a conversation with yourself and with your spirit. It’s a way to access information that you might not get to using your conscious mind.  


You might be thinking, “If it’s a conversation I have with myself, then why not just write in a journal? Or buy a damned deck of Tarot cards and do it myself? Why would anyone ever hire someone to help them read the cards?”


I’ll get to that in a minute. But first...


A Bit About How I Came to Tarot:


My first Tarot reading was a revelation.


It felt like she was reading straight to the centre of my heart and bringing out into the world, through her definite but gentle words, the crux of what I was struggling with, the thing that I knew was true but would likely never have admitted, even to myself. Then the reading went on after that, breaking the issue down further and eventually giving me ways out of the mess that I felt I was in.


I’ve had Tarot readings from many people over the years, and many have changed my life and the usual life habits that had me stuck and stymied. Those were the readers that I went back to again and again.


For example: One of my usual ways of being was to force myself into a place of such discomfort with decision making that I would feel like I only had two options in any given situation: stay or go from a relationship, for example, stay in a PhD program (that was slowly killing me) or become a high school French teacher (which would also slowly kill me), for another example. I felt incapable of making a decision, knowing that neither option would be entirely satisfying, but my internal mandate said I had to submit to or rebel against one or the other.  


It was so uncomfortable. And it would happen over and over and over. It became a habit.


I consider Tarot cards to be a tool for life interpretation: they can translate big human experiences (such as intimate relationship dynamics, moving, changing careers, losing a loved one or accidents that befall us) down to the specificity of your life, what it means for you (or what you are making it mean that is not necessarily true), and what you might do from here on in.


Two Ways of Working With Tarot:


Option #1: Read the cards yourself.


I believe that self-reading can be useful for some people, but it never has been for me. I get all stuck in what I want to see in the cards and it’s really hard for me to see clearly the messages and lessons and untangling that are available. If you can get all that you need from reading the cards yourself, then please continue. If not, then there’s...


Option #2: Have the cards read by someone else.


I believe it is more about the reader than about the cards just as it is more about the healer than the modality when you go and see a healer. Maybe you want a specific modality: tarot instead of palmistry; acupuncture instead of reiki, but within that you will choose a specific practitioner who fits you.

I know from experience and from the experiences of good friends that a good Tarot reader can affect your life by their words.


The words heal you and wake you up. Sometimes they give you a little kick in the pants, if that’s what you need. Because of this, you want to choose a Tarot reader who you trust to be, in some ways, your healer and your guide.


Three Levels of Tarot Readings:


Ideally, each Tarot reading will give you all three of the following levels. If it doesn’t it might be a good idea to switch up how you’re doing it (if you’re reading your own cards) or who you’re doing it with.


Level One: Information - You get information that is pertinent to you or immediately applicable in your life. At the worst level, this is like someone reading a generic horoscope to you from the daily newspaper but at the best level, it is tailored guidance to your particular situation.


Level Two: Invitation - It invites you to step more fully into your own life through the information that you get - meaning that what you hear is specific to you and you resonate with it.


Level Three: Inspiration - you leave feeling changed in some fundamental way that you maybe can’t even put your finger on.


What makes a great Tarot reader so great?


Whether or not it’s a fit for you to work with me, I want you to have a great experience with Tarot. And so much of that has to do the person you choose to read the cards.

Of course these things are hard to put into words, but in my experience from being on the receiving end of many great Tarot readings, I think it has something to do with the card reader reaching into the space where we are all deeply and archetypically connected and plucking some of the strings that resonate and reverberate down into us.

I don’t think a reader is there to fix you (as if there’s something wrong with you). I think they address certain dynamics they see in you on a spirit level with some mixture of empathy, archetype, story and being human. And somehow, when the fit is right between the reader and the read, something shifts inside of us.

I see these changes happening at the level of consciousness - what you are aware of - and then filtering down into the more solid/manifested aspects of your life so that quite large change can result from quite subtle shifts in thinking and believing.


Might We Be a Fit?


If you resonate with all of this, there is a good chance that we’ll be a fit.


Who these readings are for:

  • People who love Tarot, or who are curious about it.

  • People who are open to receiving wisdom in unconventional ways.

  • People who want an in-depth answer to a question (Tarot is ok at yes/no answers, but it excels at bringing through nuance and other information).


Who these readings are NOT for:

  • Don’t come to me for a reading if you are looking for very specific answers in terms of numbers or names or family history, say. These are not my forte. I’m not good at finding lost objects, either. I would rather help you unpick a tangle that you are stuck in - like what the heck is going on in this relationship anyway and how can you make it different? Or help you figure out what has you keep accepting crappy jobs that don’t let you support yourself. Or, or, or… I’m really good at reading situations and the things that push your life in certain directions, even if you can’t see these things that push.


I have a special place in my heart for people who yearn to trust & express themselves with confidence & radiance, who light up whenever they see the intersection of art, psyche and spirit, are drawn to Rumi, Rupi Kaur, & Winnie the Pooh as a source of wisdom and good memes, are into self-knowledge systems like Chakras, Archetypes, Astrology, Oracles, & Tarot, and whose attention is rapt when they read or listen to Satish Kumar, Anne Lamott, Kristin Sweetland, Natalie Goldberg, Barbara Kingsolver, Tomson Highway, and who have well-worn copy of The Wheels of Life.


What some people have said about my tarot readings:


I have been serving people as an intuitive healer for five years. I’m not a fit for everyone but I’ve been lucky enough to have found a number of clients with whom the fit is delightful.


“a greater sense of direction and clarity”

“It has been a long while since I have had a reading, mainly because of a lack of resonance. The reading with Rachel was so intuitively perfect and guided in such a way that I felt truly connected with and at ease, leaving me with a greater sense of direction and clarity in areas that I was both consciously and unconsciously aware of that were needing more attention within my life. ” Hilary, Victoria BC

“Almost 3 months after my tarot reading with Rachel, I am still being fed by it.”

“Almost 3 months after my tarot reading with Rachel, I am still being fed by it. She gave words to my experience that really helped me be kinder and more understanding with myself, as I navigate some really tricky territory with my health and my work. I love how grounded is the wisdom and magic that flows through Rachel. I look forward to more support from her with my health and being human, in general.” Kel, San Francisco CA

“the best reading I have ever received.”

“I’ve had a lot of tarot readings from a wide variety of readers. I’ve also read tarot myself. I’ve consulted all sorts of energy workers and psychics of various kinds. My reading with Rachel was NOT my first rodeo. It was, however, by far the best reading I have ever received. Rachel reads with no agenda, and she was able to offer clarity on what I really want in a way that truly changed my life. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on every type of therapist, coach, or energy healer you can imagine trying to work through a specific issue that has plagued me for years… Rachel cleared it for me in about 20 minutes. I’ve felt more freedom and peace on this issue since my reading with Rachel than I ever have in my life.” Lisa, Atlanta GA

"I felt seen."

"My reading with Rachel was a profound shifting for me, the very time within the reading feeling like there were openings created and tiny micro adjustments made. Rachel untangled my mess of thoughts and feelings with sparking clarity and a knowing, being able to define and bring words to what I hadn't been able to before. Rachel has a way of reaching into dark situations with a gentle intuitive sensitivity and bringing light and hope. I was also amazed at her ability to feel exactly where these feelings were held within my body.  I felt seen. And I was also startled by the moments Rachel said exactly what no one else could have known, or remarked on the ways I approach my life, without me ever having told her before that moment. If you have the opportunity to have a reading with Rachel, do it! You will be so glad you gave yourself this gift of working someone who is kind, profoundly intuitive, deeply wise, and able to untangle the knotted up threads of life.  This is by far the best tarot reading I have had." Ash-Lee Jeanne


I offer 90 minute Tarot readings in person in Victoria BC or via Zoom for $125.

Ready to book? Click here: 
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